Business Trading Company

Your reliable European partner

Our company specializes in purchasing and delivery of goods from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

We work with both wholesale and retail orders, with corporate and private clients.

Do you want to buy goods abroad,
but you don’t know how?

We provide a wide range of services: from the application registration to payment and delivery of the goods right into your hands.

We work with any online and offline sites, online stores.

International transportation

Organization of transportation of all types without limitation around the world:

the load can be small-sized, consolidated, fragile and requiring special attention/conditions.

Is there a need, but no opportunity to purchase the goods?

Do you often encounter difficulties while purchasing the product you need? Do you experience problems when paying for an order? Is there no shipping to your country or city? Is there the language barrier?..There can be a lot of reasons.

Our company specializes in solving the main problem – the purchase of the goods you need and delivery to the destination.

Are you worried about the delivery of the purchased goods abroad?

Business Trading Company provides customs brokerage services professionally.

Customs clearance: import, export and transit around the world.
Organization of transportation support.

Determination of the true value of the goods

We examine the quality of products to establish their price.

Legal services

transaction support + consulting services

We pay maximum attention to the provision of quality corporate services to entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe and the CIS; we also cooperate with professional market participants (audit, legal and consulting companies).

Our company renders professional services for registration and further servicing of companies registered both in tax-free jurisdictions and in other countries of the world.

As well as the providing services and consulting the client on the planned transactions. We provide consultations on opening corporate and personal accounts with European banks.

Ask your question and get advice from our specialist!

We will help you to resolve the following issues:

Don’t you want to make a deal on your own behalf for any reason?

Isn’t there a way to contact a business partner with whom you need to make a deal?

Is it necessary to arrange the delivery within the country or an international transportation?

Do you need to form a smart supply chain?

Organization of any transportation, including for the loads requiring special conditions: large-sized or consolidated cargo, fragile goods, large wholesale, the need for support, etc.

Registration of all documents for customs control: import, export, transit.

Expert assessment of quality and valuation of the goods.

Legal support of transactions

Why is it safe
and profitable with us?

We work with any suppliers, manufacturers and shops, with corporate and private clients, wholesale and retail.

Prompt delivery.
The average time is 1-3 days.

We work on individual terms and all over the world without limits – purchasing and delivery of the order from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

It's not a secret that there are discounts and privileges in many countries when the goods are bought by the citizens of these states; also, better products are available. With us, all this will be available to you.

The minimum fee. When ordering from online stores – 0%.

Заказывать через нас дешевле, чем напрямую,потому что мы сделаем возврат НДС (VAT).

Our partnership links around the world will help you save on shipping. You will have the possibility to combine your parcels with other customers’ ones and get the maximum benefit from payment for the delivery of goods.

Our company is located in the Czech Republic and operates worldwide and with various payment methods.

Choosing us,
you will get:

Individual approach and the best solutions for your request.

A favorable price due to the transparent system of its calculation

A support system and a personal manager who will consult you on any issue and promptly provide with all the information regarding your order.

Turnkey services: from buying goods to their delivering directly to your doors around the world.

Possibility to track all the way of your cargo yourself.

A full range of agency, intermediary and other business services.
Contact us and get a free consultation.

How do
we work?

An individual approach is
welcome in our company.
To submit your application for the services, to ask a question or get a specialist consultation:

Click on "SUBMIT APPLICATION" and fill in the form as detailed as you can, describing the services you need or the question that interests you. You can also make a request from the online-consultant at the bottom of the site or in the CONTACTS section.

The manager will process your request within 2 hours from Mon to Fri from 09:00 to 17:00 CZ.

You will be contacted for free consultation and discussion of further actions.


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